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So much to catch up on...

Where do I begin.... Well right before the pandemic began, I kind of decided that I wanted to be an Artist. I've literally been working on that goal ever since. I've pretty much only been updating my Instagram followers and this is my attempt to share my journey with everyone else. We'll start back in 2019...

This experience with my dear friend and fellow artist Shanequa Gay was my 1st gallery experience and increased my desire to become a well collected and respected artist.

After staying home for a year during the Pandemic and working on my craft, I was blessed with a huge opportunity to create in Installation for the Inman Park Tour of Gardens in May 2021


My next opportunity came in October 2021 when I participated in the " Atlanta Forever" group exhibit for ElevateATL at Future Gallery.

In November 2021, I was blessed with my biggest opportunity thus far, as I was selected from hundreds of paper Artist to compete on the television show, "Meet Your Makers Showdown". I didn't win the prize, but the experience changed the trajectory of my entire career.


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